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Regulatory Compliance Newsletter

The Office of Regulatory Compliance publishes a quarterly newsletter.  The next edition will be available in July.

Place of Service (POS 19) Off-Campus Site Visits

In July 2017, the UHealth Medical Compliance, Office of Regulatory Compliance (ORC) began site visits to our off-campus hospital-based facilities to ensure that all UHealth off-campus sites are in compliance with Medicare provider-based regulations. These regulations impose a range of requirements in order to ensure that the hospital-based facilities are properly integrated with the affiliated hospital. The ORC will review the relevant documentation for each site, conduct a physical inspection of the premises, and report their findings to leadership.
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Published in the August 2017 UHealth Compliance Newsletter

Employees Receiving Gifts From Patients or Vendors

Last week the UHealth Medical Compliance, Office of Regulatory Compliance (ORC) received a call from a UHealth employee, who advised that they received a gift card from a very appreciative patient.

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Published in the August 2017 Regulatory Announcement

UHealth Regulatory Compliance is Here to Help U!

UHealth Compliance is excited to introduce you to our new Regulatory Compliance Team. Over the coming months, we will be working on a number of projects and initiatives throughout the health system. As you may be aware, many of these initiatives are already underway.

As our biographies illustrate, we come from a health law and compliance background.

Read more about some of the projects we are currently working on.

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Published in the July 2017 Regulatory Announcement

Regulatory Implications for Medical Directorship Arrangements

Physician compensation, specifically for medical directorships, based on recent government enforcement actions, can raise compliance concerns

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Regulatory Compliance Tip for November 2017